What Is the Use of Keeping a Diary?

What Is the Use of Keeping a Diary?

Many people, including successful writers, scientists, and world leaders, keep diaries. Have you ever wondered why they do it? What’s the use of diaries? First of all, keeping a diary is one of the best ways of self-control. This technique is so simple that many people underestimate its potential. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the principles of keeping a diary and the benefits this activity has. Although the way you keep your diary entirely depends on your preferences, we suggest some recommendations to make this activity not only interesting but also beneficial.

Practical Recommendations

    • Be sincere. If you avoid revealing your true feelings when making a record in your diary, then the procedure will have the same effect as speaking to other people. So you have to switch off your “inner censor” and write down everything that comes to your head. Only then will you enjoy the best therapeutic effect.
    • Don’t omit details. There is one major difference between the thoughts in your head and those on the pages of your diary – the latter can be detailed. Repeating same thoughts in your head over and over again is not productive. However, once you put a though down, you can analyze it and try to look at it from the other perspective. This way, you can generate new ideas or find unexpected solution to some problems.


    • Write regularly. Similar to other activities, keeping a diary is only effective when it is regular. Sure, it’s easier said than done but only at first. Once it becomes a habit, making a record in your diary on a daily basis will become an integral part of your routine. You can spend from a few minutes to couple of hours on this. The time does not really matter as long as you do it every day.


  • Feelings and analysis. Whether you are guided by emotions or critical analysis, you will equally benefit from keeping a diary. Writing consciously or unconsciously, you activate different parts of your brain. All in all, it is useful for your well-being.

These are the main reasons why keeping a diary is good for you. To fully benefit from this activity, follow these simple rules. This way, your diary will not only help you sort out difficult situations but also improve your health.

Your Personal Psychologist

Your diary can be your personal psychologist. The only difference is that it’s available 24/7 and doesn’t need to be paid. We live in extremely stressful conditions and don’t see the reason for wearing our hearts on the sleeves. Daily routines, tight deadlines, abundance of information, demanding clients, unreliable friends… All these things require so much of our attention that we forget to take care of ourselves. We are being constantly distracted, so we often forget about our spiritual comfort. Your diary can come to rescue. When you take a pen and start putting your thoughts down, the outside world won’t matter. Engaged in self-analysis and evaluation of your actions and motives, you will experience a unique therapeutic benefit. Your “personal psychologist” will help you understand your feelings, acknowledge your needs, and find a way out from difficult situations.

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