Top 7 Tips for Beginners to Find a Freelance Writing Job

Top 7 Tips for Beginners to Find a Freelance Writing Job

Freelancing has become increasingly popular among fresh graduates seeking employment. My English-major friend, who is trying to find a freelance job, bombards me with exhausting inquiries. “What should I do to become a freelance writer like you? How can a beginner get a freelance writing job?” she asks having learned how much joy and satisfaction I get from my work.

Use Freelance Websites

If you register on a reputable freelancing platform, there is a great chance the website will help you find a good writing job. There are many marketplaces for beginner writers, but my personal favorite is Truelancer where I’ve been working for 3 months now.

Know and Value Your Skills

It has become customary to underestimate beginners due to their lack of experience. However, you can cut through such a long-standing convention and earn what you deserve. For this, you should know your professional strengths and set a reasonable price for your unique set of skills. As an inexperienced beginner, you can lower the bar, but make sure to be fairly rewarded at the end.

Upgrade Your Profile

Never be shy about your achievements. Your writing-related diplomas and certificates will inform a potential employer about the relevant qualifications you hold. That’s why you need to provide a plenty of details on your proficiency on the website profile. Some freelancing platforms, such as Truelancer, offer a possibility to add a portfolio to your profile so that your visitors can easily access it.

Know Your Client

It can be very tempting for a beginner to apply for a seemingly easy and well-paid writing task. However, many questionable job offers fail to provide clear instructions or comprehensive job description. To avoid falling for a fishy business, make sure to find out who your potential client is and what the exact job requirements are.

Dodge the Scam Ball

As a newbie writer, you should be serious about choosing your client if you don’t want to become a scam victim. Scammers find ways to mislead and take advantage of beginners who become easy targets working outside the freelance marketplace. So, it’s better to stay on your platform that can protect both freelancers and clients from financial fraud.

Adapt and Negotiate

You can earn good reputation on any freelancing platform by fulfilling your clients’ needs. It is an excellent opportunity for beginners to improve their rating and get returning customers. So, don’t be too picky when deciding which writing job to take and how many revisions to make.

Be Patient and Persistent

Finding a decent writing job will take time and effort. Be ready to dedicate yourself to careful and thorough search, negotiations with clients, and discussions of job proposals. Many beginners fail to succeed at the first attempt, but those, who keep trying, always reach the top. Remember to be true to yourself and keep your spirits bright.

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