Top 7 Reasons to Write even if You Don't Want It

Top 7 Reasons to Write even if You Don't Want It

Writing lab reports or essays is definitely not the most pleasant thing to do! Especially, when you don’t feel like doing it and start to think about all those things that you would rather do instead. If that’s what happens every time you need to write, then you definitely need to change your attitude, because writing is much more than just a senseless ritual that professors want you to engage in. Writing skills will benefit you not just with your classes and grades, but also in your future career and personal life. And that’s the reason why you should start mastering it as soon as possible. Here are top 7 reasons that will dispel all your doubts about it:

  • Writing enhances imagination and creativity. It’s a great way to explore and develop your imagination and, as Einstein pointed out, ‘imagination is better than knowledge’. When your imagination gets better, your problem-solving abilities increase respectively. Learning becomes fun when you can use your imagination.
  • Writing demonstrates you’ve learned something. No doubt, there are a lot of different ways to show that you’ve learned something and writing is just one of them. However, in the academic world, professors want you to show what you have learnt through essays, lab reports or research papers. And that’s when your writing skills can show whether you’re competent or not.
  • Writing helps you explain your ideas clearly. With a developed writing ability, you can express your ideas and feelings about certain situations, events or people using a clear and understandable language. The better you write, the more you influence people with your writing.
  • Writing is essential for any academic area. No matter the major that you have chosen, professors will require you to write a lot. In case you’re studying accounting or engineering, you may think that you may not need writing skills, but wait till you read the next point.
  • Writing is important for almost any sphere. Of course, if you want to become a famous sportsman, then you don’t need writing skills that much. However, for almost every other career path, you will require writing skills. Want to start your business? You need to know how to write a business plan. Planning to become a nurse? Nurses need to write notes for their patients on a daily basis. The research shows that employees, who have good writing skills, are more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Think about it.
  • Writing helps to remember and understand information. When you’re going to the store, you’re writing a list in order not to forget anything. Writing aids memory because it helps to remember information.
  • Writing helps to understand yourself better. Journaling and blogging professions are popular for a reason. Writing helps us to make sense of our life, and that, in turn, makes us focus on our goals and future better.

Although writing is not the most fascinating thing to do, it has a lot of long-term benefits that can really improve your life. Who knows? Maybe if you start writing daily, you’ll become a famous writer or blogger.

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