Top 5 Productivity Methods

Top 5 Productivity Methods

If you have to cope with a huge workload, it will probably interesting for you to know that there are some methods to enhance your productivity. Previously, our readers voted for the tips that they consider the most efficient. So, here is the list!

5 Most Important Productivity Life Hacks

1. Pomodoro Technique

Being created in the early 90s, this time managing system is considered one of the most efficient. The thing is to stick to the timer and teach yourself to be disciplined. No costly downloads or expensive seminars – that is why it is so popular. All you need is to set your timer for 25 minutes, work hard during this period and then have a small break for 5 minutes. After 5 “pomodoros” take a longer rest, for up to 30 minutes. This method helps you stay focused and eager to work.

2. Getting Things Done

GTD was created by David Allen and first appeared in Getting Things Done. Its popularity grew so much that several blogs, seminars, classes, and apps were created to support GTD. However, you do not need any tools to get started. The real purpose of GTD is to make you use some methods to direct the ideas from your head straight to the reality. Moreover, if you strive to work effectively, GTD suggests maximizing your priorities as well as time management.

3. Productivity Secret of Jerry Seinfeld

“Don’t Break the Chain” is a quick method, which involves making people work on really important things to achieve the aim. It is rather easy: pick the task, develop a schedule, and keep spending the same amount of time each day. By making notes in the calendar you will encourage yourself to continue and finish that task. There is only one rule – do not break the chain.

4. Action Method

The Action Method was actually created by Behance. Originally, it served as software, however, most users who tried this method, did not actually need software. While using this method, you have to make a list of certain mini-tasks (so-called “action steps”) for each big task. This system helps you to see the full picture of what you have to achieve. If you want to know how to accomplish more, downloading several apps will greatly ease your life.

5. Custom Personal Method

What do you get when you mix the best sides of all the things? If you combine several efficiency methods into one, blend the elements from GTD, Pomodoro and other techniques, you will receive a hybrid method that may appeal to everybody. Why everybody? Well, if you do not like one part, you can substitute it with another one. So, do not be afraid to mix the methods. Try to experiment and create the best system for you.

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