Top 10 Free Online Libraries

Top 10 Free Online Libraries

Very important component of writing excellent papers is finding reliable, credible sources. You can find databases on the web, which give access to documentaries, articles, books, journals etc. However, usually, they cost a lot of money. Fortunately, a solution exists and this solution is free online libraries. They give you an opportunity to download or view electronic versions of books, articles, and journals whenever you need them. If you don’t have a list of such libraries, it can take a lot of time to compile one. Luckily, we have done this job for you so that you can save some time on writing papers!

  • Free-Ebooks You can understand from the title what this website is all about. When you sign up to this website you can download different e-books and if you’re an author you can upload books to this website.
  • FreeComputerBooks Outstanding site for all who study Math, Tech or Programming. You can find here a staggering collection of articles, books and lectures, which are sorted by categories. A very useful resource.
  • Scribd It’s not exactly an online library, but still, you will also find this website really useful. Scribd is a website for sharing documents – word, PDFs and even PowerPoint. So, how exactly can it be useful for you? There’s a selection of sources that you can use to write essays.
  • SnipFiles You can find free software and e-books here. Like all other websites on the list, it’s absolutely legal and you can use the convenient search tool to find exactly what you need.
  • BookYards Excellent free content here! BookYards is an online galore for quality educational materials that you can cite in any paper.
  • FreeBookSpot FreeBookSpot is for free ebook downloads. You can find ebooks in history, art, agriculture, programming, chess and many other disciplines here. There are almost 5000 books in this library. Ain’t that impressive?
  • Overdrive In case you visit or live in the United States, you can use Overdrive, which is an app. It’s an online version of city libraries and you can find audiobooks and e-books that you can rent like in an ordinary library.
  • U.S. Library of Congress It’s an online archive that anyone can access. Extremely credible resource featuring articles, books, photographs, newspaper clipping, exhibits and much more.
  • Bartleby This one is awesome in terms of providing historical and scientific texts as well as great reference works. Bartleby is a great reading library!
  • Online City Libraries Libraries in many cities are putting parts of their collection online. Find out if libraries are doing this in your cities, sign up and make use of their resources!

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