Things to Know about Romantic Relationships in College

Things to Know about Romantic Relationships in College

Fresh View on Having Relationships in College

When we go to college, we often expect to meet new people and build new romantic relationships. This article is devoted to something I learned from my past relationships that failed. All my friends note that I am very unlucky when it comes to dating. Indeed, I cannot tell that I experienced at least one healthy relationship in college. All my romances ended up in failure, and it was very painful. However, if you ask me whether I regret having them, I would say “No.” I have made such a decision after realizing the fact that all the negative feelings I had in my past relationships have helped me to form my view of men and myself. In this article, I summarized the things I found out about men and myself after having gone through romantic relationships in college. I hope it will inspire you to take a closer look at your dating partners and never repeat my mistakes.

How I Perceive Myself

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite book partially because the quote about love “we accept the love we think we deserve” provided in it represents the way I viewed myself in the past. I did not think that I am good enough for anyone, that is why I allowed those guys to treat me in bad ways. I simply thought that it was the love I deserved. Now I am certain that a person who wants someone else to love him/her, should fall in love with himself/herself first. I learned how to value myself, and now I am not going to allow anyone to treat me in a bad way. In addition, I realized that it is wrong to let a person into your life if there is no true attachment to him/her. Instead of giving true love a chance, you waste your time with a person who is not in line with your expectations of a life-partner.

How I Perceive Men

After dating several men with different character traits, I created the list of things I love and hate in men. Although all of my partners were jerks, there were certain things I liked about them, including getting love text messages, especially when I did not expect them. It really made me feel being a special person to him. Also, I like men who have a dorky side, because it is easy to persuade them to do something that they do not really enjoy, but what brings pleasure to me, for example, watching sci-fi. Moreover, I like to know that a man has good relationship with his parents, because it makes me confident that he will be a good husband and father. On the other hand, I realized that the sense of humor is essential in men. Also, I will not continue a relationship if I find out that a man shows no interest in meeting my family and friends. Now, you have some ideas of relationships in college.

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