The Riskiest Myth about College

The Riskiest Myth about College

“You are wasting your precious years and thousands of dollars on something that will not necessarily bring you success in life.” Many students hear this dangerous myth studying at college and even before entering it. When you start thinking about these words, you may quickly become hesitant in the necessity to pursue your major. Do not be!

It Is totally Fine to not Know what Major Is Perfect for You

If you think that all young people enter a college being confident in their majors, you are wrong. If you hear a piece of advice to take a gap year and choose a major before entering the college, people who give this piece of advice are wrong. In fact, many students open the college’s doors still being in search of their perfect majors. If you feel the same, do not be upset. It is okay to spend 1-2 years of college life simply figuring out what major is suitable for you. Furthermore, you will have more chances to make a wise decision if you allow enough time to think it over.

There Is no Major that Guarantees Success in Life

Unfortunately, your chances to get a well-paid job and achieve success in life do not depend solely on the major you choose in college. Also, it is not only about the grades you receive when studying. The good point is that you may change your major at college easily when you find out that another major is more suitable for your skills. The same is about your career. If you happen to understand that your dream job does not bring satisfaction anymore, you may start searching for another one.

On the contrary, skills you gain in college is the main factor of success after graduation. Not knowing what important skills you want to gain in college may be really dangerous. Here is a short list of the broadest and most useful skills you may learn in college:

  • Critical analysis (the skill comes from such majors as English, Econ, Political Science, History, etc.)
  • Management
  • Critical and creative writing

When you start thinking about college as of institution that helps you to gain valuable skills, you will certainly change your attitude towards the career game.

So, do not let people who spread the dangerous myth about “college education without guarantees” get you off the right track. Do not lose your motivation to study listening to these pessimists. Although there is some truth in their words, remember that skills you gain in college, but not the major you choose, will bring you success.

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