The Origin of the “Keep Calm and ...” Poster

Keep Calm and Postere The phrase "Keep calm ..." can be found on T-shirts, bags, mugs, pillows, etc. almost everywhere. You definitely have something beginning with the phrase "Keep calm and ..." whether it is a notebook, a mug or at least a status on a social network page. This phrase is so popular and trendy nowadays only the biggest hermit have not heard about it. What is the origin of this famous phrase and where does the phrase have its roots? The history of the phrase goes back to the Second World War. It was used as a slogan of British propaganda, aimed to strengthen the faith in the victory of the British. It was supposed that the poster would be used in order to boost the morale of the population in the case of Nazi occupation. It seems unlikely to find archival photos of 1939, depicting the disobedient British, marching with posters "Keep calm and carry on". The author of the masterpiece is anonymous. In 2000, a grandson of that anonymous author occasionally found a copy of the poster in a shop of old books. The phrase is the property of the world community as the term of copyright protection ended. The anthem of Britain saved the nation and the king. Attempts to register the slogan as a trademark failed because the limitation on the distribution was impossible due to its popularity. Nowadays, in the 21st century, when there is no risk of Nazi occupation and heroism and sustainability are not so pressing things, this insignificant at first sight phrase, continues to break records in terms of quantity of upgrades, variations, and publications on the Internet. The combination of white and red with the symbolic crown of Britain is an inspiration for thousands. The poster keeps supporting and creating mood for people using the main weapon – humor.

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