The Most Popular and Delicious Foods

The Most Popular and Delicious Foods

Although all people have different tastes that depend on their lifestyle, views, and living conditions, there is one thing that unites them all – food. It is not only a matter of survival. Food brings delight and satisfaction. So, despite the cultural differences, age, and gender, people tend to enjoy the food mentioned in the list below (and I am convinced that those who don’t must be from a different planet).

Foods You Can’t Say No to


Thanks to its simplicity, it is by far the most popular food in the world. Take a flatbread, add some toppings, and you are done! Indeed, anything you have in the fridge is good for pizza topping: mushrooms, cheese, meat, sausage, etc. You can even make sweet pizza for dessert. Given the abundance of pizza variations, both children and adults love it.


It is pure delight that comes in a great variety: black, white, milk chocolate; with nuts, raisings, berries; in forms of clocks, bars, hearts, or liquid. The great thing about chocolate is that you can either eat it as it is or use it as an ingredient for other dishes, such as cookies or cakes. Really, everything is better with chocolate!

French Fries

I bet it is your favorite snack, isn’t it? What can be better than fried or backed potatoes seasoned with ketchup or any other sauce? Though it is usually included into the category “fast food,” it is ubiquitous in our society. And it is not surprising given that it is tasty and affordable.

Ice Cream

Somehow, my best childhood memories are connected with ice cream. So, whenever I eat strawberry-flavored ice cream, it brings a sense of nostalgia. I am sure you have such memories too. However, even as an adult, I cannot deny the fact that I get thrills each time I try new flavor. There are so much of them, so each time I try to choose, it seems as if I were a peevish child who wants them all.

Cheese Cake

It is a cake served as a dessert. Cheese cake usually consists of three layers, the top one being the thickest. Top layer is made of cheese, eggs, and sugar. The bottom layer is a crust, but in some cases, cheese cake doesn’t have bottom at all. It is popular not only because it is a godsend for people who have a sweet tooth, but also because it doesn’t require baking. So, it is really convenient for such lazybones as I am. You just put it in the fridge and that’s it. Amazing, isn’t it?

I believe that your doctor will not like this list. Sure, all these foods are not that healthy. They are sugary and fatty. However, that is the price you pay for the delight you can get from food. I also believe that if you do it in moderation, no harm can come from a piece of cake or ice cream cone, right? Just do not eat 10 cones a day, and you will be fine.

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