Talking About Love

Talking About Love

Love is the issue, people have been disputing about since the creation of the mankind. The notion of love is interpreted in various ways and is accepted and felt by each person differently. Love exists in numerous forms and is classified in many degrees and categories, depending on the subject and the object at which love is aimed. While writing an essay about love, it is vital to narrow your ideas on the topic and keep the same view throughout the plot. It will make your essay more consistent and will help you to reveal thoughts based upon questions determined beforehand. If you are confused and can’t decide what to write about, look through the following possible topics for your essay.

The easiest way to express your ideas on the topic of love is to answer the question “What love actually is,” providing your personal understanding and giving examples of the definition of love found, for example, in forums, where people share their views. As far as love has rather different meanings and is accepted by people very ambiguously, “Different kinds of love” would be another interesting topic to discuss kinds of love people experience during their life such as parental love, love to friends, love to food, love to pets, love to music, and etc.

To be more creative, you can turn for help to professional or some historic resources in order to describe the notion of love. “Unselfish love,” “Biblical interpretation of love” would be good topics for portraying love from the perspective of God vs. Mankind opposition or interpreting love through examination of biblical texts.

Back to history, you can use the ancient Greek concepts of categories of love such as eros (passionate love), philia (parental love), and agape (God’s love) or reveal more modern classification of love according to recent psychological studies: companionate love, romantic love, fatuous love, consummate love.

While creating an essay about love, you are free to experiment comparing it to other feelings and states and answering the most tormenting questions like “The reasons of love,” ”Why do we want to be loved,” “Benefits of love,” “How to distinguish true love from fake one,” and etc. There are great numbers of quotations about love, which could be used as an introduction to your essay or serve as a key point of your story, supporting or arguing with what you are trying to express. For example: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better that your dreams” Dr. Seuss; “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” George Sand; “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” William Shakespeare.

Love is considered to be a crucial element of social relationships, which creates a desire to maintain a strong interpersonal connection with others. In your essay, you may describe love vs. loneliness and provide reasons why love makes people feel safer, more content, and more comfortable or on the contrary show the negative influence of excessive love.

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