Qualities of a Real Friend

Qualities of a Real Friend

People need communication. Friendship is not only an opportunity to talk about your problems and joys with someone but also the confidence that someone needs you and cares about you. A true friend is not just an acquaintance; he or she becomes your brother or sister. It is not that easy to find sincere and kind people in the modern world. Therefore, if you have met such a person, appreciate your friendship.

Understanding and Support

Some people consider almost everyone they know as their friends. They think that if someone smiles at them, or they visit parties together, he or she can be called a friend. In fact, many self-interested and vile people can seek the benefit of communicating with you. A young person often does not notice deception and insecurity because of his or her trustfulness. Only after many years, having a huge life experience, you will understand that it does not matter how many friends you have, the most important thing here is who is with you now. Let it be just one person, but he or she will always understand and support you.

A real friend can be easily distinguished from someone with whom you can just have a good time. If you have problems, many so-called “friends” may disappear, and one, who really values your relationship, will be with you in any situation.

True Values of Friendship

All people are different; everyone has their character, a model of behavior, and upbringing. You cannot please all the people. Nevertheless, a true friend will not try to change you, even knowing about your shortcomings yet will appreciate your uniqueness.

When you are young, you aspire to make new contacts and get acquainted with a large number of people. Nonetheless, only after going through most of life's journey, you will understand that you do not need comrades for fun and empty conversations. The main thing in life is to have a reliable friend, who will not only support you in a difficult moment but also will be sincerely happy for you and will not envy your success.

Friendly relations should be equal; it means no one has the right to offend a friend even for a joke. True friends will never spread gossip about you. If someone is nice to you, but he or she mocks your level of life, upbringing or education with other people, such a person cannot be considered a true friend.

Friendship in College

A college is a unique place where you can meet interesting personalities. Do not be too gullible. Be friendly with kind and unselfish people, even if they are not excellent students or captains of a baseball team; love them not for their status but for being close to you. It is important not only to find a good friend but also not to lose him. Do not offend anyone because of your quick temper or a bad mood. Appreciate decent, honest, sincere, and understanding people.

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