Most of the time when one encounters or hears the word “prejudice”, he/she thinks about the racial prejudice. However, this term has a broader meaning. There are a lot of prejudices that may relate to religion, culture, gender, race, and geographical background. Unfortunately, people have been discriminating each other since the beginning of times based on this or that attribute that they didn’t like. Prejudices have been a serious problem for centuries because our history is impregnated with hatred and anger. The examples of prejudices from the past include:

  • Treatment of American slaves as if they were not human in the 1600’s
  • Discrimination of the African-American people on multiple levels until the cessation of inequality in the middle of the 20th century
  • Slaughter of over five million Jewish people by Hitler, because they weren’t considered “normal.”

And it’s just a few examples. But prejudices aren’t in the past. You may be surprised that the Ku Klux Klan still exists today spreading hatred towards colored people and Jews. Our society is still full of ill will, which makes people fight each other for no adequate reason.

I sincerely believe that we can considerably decrease the number of prejudices, but casting them away completely is a very difficult task.There are still prejudices, but the situation is much better than it was in the 20th century and before it. Now the civilized societies accept all races, genders and religions and move in the direction of political correctness. Nevertheless, there are still individuals who stick to their rudimentary hatred agenda. They form groups and recruit new people teaching them to hate those who have different skin color or follow certain religious teachings that these groups don’t like. Although we have freedom of speech, voice of these groups spreads hatred; therefore, they all should be banned on the governmental level. We should teach our children to accept all people no matter what god they believe in or what skin color they have. If we teach our children this belief and if we engrain this belief into our educational systems, prejudices will logically start to fade away until they disappear completely.

It is completely incorrect to judge people by their appearance and beliefs as they should be judged by the actions they take. We should learn to see through the physical appearances and attributes right into the soul of the human beings and take them for who they are. They are just like you and me – wanderers, who came on this planet to solve the riddle of existence, obtain happiness, and help others to reach this noble goal. Who are you to judge other people? We should all start with ourselves and we should do this right now.

We all want to be happy and to avoid suffering. This truth is universal. If we learn to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, prejudices, as well as hatred, ill will, animosity, negativity and all wars will definitely go away.

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