Positions that Can Become Non-Demanded in 10 Years

Positions that Can Become Non-Demanded in 10 Years

Choosing future profession is an important and responsible step in life. There are plenty of things which have to be considered, such as personal preferences, aptitudes, financial aspect, and job market demands. During the last two decades of impetuous digital development, significant changes in all spheres of our life took place. Many new positions appeared which we could not even have thought about a decade ago.

Computers made drastic changes in working processes and established many jobs that have nothing to do with the past. Probably, such new positions are for the better, but what to do with those professions that are substituted with machines? You should think about this issue very thoroughly as demand determines your employment chances and even your future financial situation. Here are several professions which according to the statistics can hardly survive more than a decade.

Postal Workers

When was the last time when you wrote a letter to somebody? You may still receive some informational letters from certain official services, but the amount of correspondence has significantly reduced in the last years. No one wants to wait for weeks when there is a quick and affordable opportunity to connect to a person you need via email or telephone. People choose more convenient ways of communication, which do not include letter writing. Therefore, there is an assumption that the position of postal worker will become useless.

Printers and Publishers

The publishing field is also greatly affected by digital innovations. When it comes to news, books, or articles, more and more people refer to their tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The number of people who prefer to buy newspapers and books decreases from day to day. Although publishing companies make huge efforts to make their businesses profitable, the tendencies are unpromising for publishers and there is a possibility of the whole field decay within several years.

Travel Agents

The aim of a travel agent is to simplify customers’ worries about their journey and to organize all the arrangements related to it. But in these latter days, the bigger amount of people prefer avoiding travel agencies but organizing everything themselves via the Internet. There is no difficulty in buying tickets and reserving hotels. In addition, you can view and control everything concerning your journey yourself.

Taxi Driver

Nowadays, taxi services are surviving substantial changes and suffer competition with ride-sharing applications. Many people just do not want to wait for a taxi and look for a car via Internet. Such ride-sharing applications offer plenty of functions and various price options and that is why are proved to be more customized. Taxi drivers should change the way of leading their business and following the up-to-date tendencies of using apps and driving.

If you are looking for a job or studying in graduating class, there are many things which you cannot simply omit and leave without attention. Choose the right profession for your own well-being and make sure it will be in demand in future.

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