How Technology Changes People's Writing Style

How Technology Changes People's Writing Style

As the time flies, many spheres of life are changing. People are improving their state of life from year to year, and are advancing more and more in making machines work for themselves. This process is called progress and the synonym to it is technology. This sphere is the first that is influenced by the constant development of people’s life. New technologies are penetrating into everything that people do starting from shopping online and ending with self-assembling houses. What is more important, at the academic level, technology has made a real revolution.

Consequences of Progress on Modern Education


Computers have been an integral part of classrooms for already a long time and nobody will be surprised at an entire class of kids working with their laptops. However, recently, a new and quite interesting substitution has appeared for the personal computers and laptops – tablets. Taking quick notes and completing home assignment easily and wherever possible is necessary as portability is of utmost importance for the today’s society.


If to talk about smartphones that have also become inevitable and are owned by almost each person in the world, then here we will see a slightly different story. Text messages are intended to be short to preserve time and space and consequently a lot of slangy words are being penetrated into everyday life. Now, it is not strange to see such abbreviations as LOL, SMH, U2 and others in the essays at the academic level. It is so unfortunate that there are some special means conducted to minimize the usage of such words.

Luckily, mobile phones can be also beneficial for many reasons – a lot of teachers are using applications to give some tasks to students, mostly from primary and secondary school. By 2017, 87 percent of American pupils own a phone, so there is no problem in using these handy gadgets on the lessons.


The ideas on the Internet can be expressed either with visual aids or with text. As words cannot show all the feelings and emotions, it is extremely popular nowadays to create memes – random pictures that are showing how the person feels at a certain moment of the conversation. However, by avoiding words, teenagers do not practice language and thus do not develop their communication skills at all. No grammar and no punctuation mean that they may also forget about the importance of language notions. Although the pictures are flooding us all over the Web, there are still a lot of people who share their experience by writing blogs. A great number of these bloggers are students, which means that constant practice develops their language skills with every correctly typed comma and avoided dangling modifier.


Finally, with the rapid development of technologies, language has also changed in a special way. With the necessity to use the terms of all the gadgets, people create new and new words for the correspondent objects, thus enriching the vocabulary of the modern era.

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