Fantastic Mobile Apps that Will Make You Smarter

Fantastic Mobile Apps that Will Make You Smarter

If you are prejudiced against modern technologies and doubt that they can really introduce some positive impacts in your life, you should definitely read on this article. There is really a plenty of mobile applications that assist you in obtaining some new knowledge in different spheres and becoming more intelligent. Nowadays, smartphone apps are not intended merely for entertaining purposes. They are widely used for educational purposes with the aim of helping students gain more practice in specific subjects. As such, studying has become a more accessible process as you can practice some skills while on transport or when you are at a place without any access to books or other studying materials.

Some apps are aimed merely on assessing and evaluating the knowledge that you have already gained in a particular sphere. For example, among such apps are different tests evaluating your skills in a foreign or programming language, etc. Moreover, there are apps aimed at developing some habits, for example the habit of healthy eating. In particular, with the help of such types of apps, you can monitor what you eat and in what quantities.

So, below you will find a list of brain-boosting applications that will provide you with prospects of self-development.


With this application, each day you will learn some new fact. You can make your own schedule on what days you would like to receive notifications about some interesting facts. The app will help you boost your general knowledge and feel more free in some circle of intelligent people.

Khan Academy

Here you will find a variety of educational articles and videos in a plenty of disciplines: from physics, mathematics, and IT to music, history, and arts. When you have set your mind on learning something thoroughly, Khan Academy is just the thing.


This app is great in that you can download videos to watch them later offline. Besides, this app enables you to create your own playlists and explore many other talks, articles, and educative videos to learn something new. The topics are versatile: IT, medicine, biology, social studies, humanities, religion, music, management, business, and many others. Besides, there are subtitles in more than 80 languages.


If you are struggling with mastering a new foreign language, Duolingo is the best app that could help you in expanding your vocabulary. With the help of pronunciation tips, pictures, and short writing assignments, the brief and easy lessons can be a valuable tool for learning.


Here you will find answers to any questions (even the weirdest ones). Enjoy the numerous articles, podcasts, videos, and quizzes to learn about the world you live in.

So, with the help of the above tips, you could definitely enhance your brainpower and invite more intelligence to your life. It’s great how mobile apps can be good not only for entertainment but also for education, isn’t it? Enjoy your learning process with these amazing applications.

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