Essay on Police Brutality

Essay on Police Brutality

It’s a well-known fact that mass culture usually presents the police as a force that should oppose crime and ensure security as well as peace in the streets. This is actually the reason why such an institution exists. Nevertheless, in accordance with the recent statistics, there are a lot of police officers who resort to applying non-lethal weapons, force in different situations where they could avoid such harsh measures. Apart from that, the police abuse power and avoid punishment. There is no doubt that it is necessary for a police officer to have immunity against persecution so that he is able to cope with variously armed criminals in a successful way. However, a lot of reported cases show that the police demonstrated cruelty that was unnecessary and led to deaths or mutilation of people that were handled by them. In fact, there are a few aspects with regard to this issue that may be focused on in police brutality essay. What is more, it is possible to concentrate on particular cases that display situations when the police abused power or on explanations and reasons of this phenomenon. Frankly speaking, it depends on you what elements you would like to indicate to be used in your essay. In addition, it is up to you to decide the viewpoint that should be explored in your essay. Below you can find several basic facts concerning power abuse and police brutality that can be deeper explored in your essay.

There are different forms of police brutality. To be exact, they are called shooting, cruel beatings, choking because of mishandling, harsh treatment, torture, etc. In spite of the fact that sometimes-such police brutality cases get investigated and make newspaper headlines, most of the time, they become unnoticed, creating a serious problem. It’s no secret that such cases may take place everywhere. Nevertheless, the biggest number of reports concerning power abuse comes from 14 largest cities of the United States. They are New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, and some others. Frankly speaking, the scale and intensity of police brutality in the above-mentioned cities were considered so huge that it led to the introduction of monitoring systems and special preventive to decrease the tension. In fact, these systems didn’t manage to fix the problem.

There are a few main factors that were cited as reasons why police brutality exists: insufficient training, gaps with regard to management routines and deficient recruitment procedures. To tell you the truth, the job of a police officer, as well as wages that are assigned to this particular position, cannot be considered a dream job that would be accepted gladly. As a result, a lot of recruiters have to cope with various people who decide to join the ranks due to numerous reasons that might be even desired to rule over other people instead of helping others. It is necessary for police to get enough resources for detecting these brutal applicants.

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