Essay about Computer Technologies

Essay about Computer Technologies

Information technologies are currently developing with a rapidly increasing intensity, causing changes at all levels of being of the society and individual, including daily life. Moreover, most people do not even realize how much their life depends on computers and information and telecommunication systems. The daily routine even of those people who have never turned on a computer is largely connected with the development of information technologies because with their help the entire life support system is managed today. Information and communication technologies influence a person’s life, determining the specificity and quality of his or her work, lifestyle, leisure, lifestyle, and even thinking. In addition, computer technology expands the ability to control public and private life of citizens.

The Role of Computers in Modern Society

Widespread PC usage has played a huge role in the development of the labor market. Automation of information processing allows workers to do the work in a matter of seconds, informing managers about the state of enterprises and workplaces instantly. The economic potential in the field of insurance and financial services is increasing due to the increased exchange of services. The introduction of computer technology caused the emergence of new forms of employment and work organization.

The development of new projects takes much less time because people do not need to spend a lot of time on computational processes and they can completely devote it to the process itself. Computer technologies play an important role in medicine, various virtual models of the development of diseases and huge databases of information are created on the basis of which new drugs for treatment are invented.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technologies

Computer technologies have a positive effect on the development of children with their proper use. It has been noticed that with proper selection of programs and games, logical thinking develops better, and eye and hand coordination of the young person improves. The child develops self-confidence and self-esteem; such kids are more concentrated than their peers who do not have experience in using a computer.

On the other hand, unrestricted access to vast amounts of information leads to the excessive computer use, mostly an Internet addiction or dependence on computer games. Moreover, it causes both psychological and physical harm. People who are too keen on computer games are more irritable, quick-tempered in normal communication. Some people have a dependence on games, and if it is impossible to satisfy their need in the ordinary world, their mood deteriorates, and states of heightened anxiety and depression emerge.

Internet addiction, as a rule, arises among people who communicate on social networks excessively and among users who are not so sociable in everyday life and appear to be unable to realize themselves. However, these are mainly exceptions to the rules. In addition, with the proper use of computer technologies, the benefits are disproportionately greater than harmful effects, and we feel it every day. This helpful information will help you write good computer essays and get good grades.


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