Discover Pros and Cons of Big City Life

Discover Pros and Cons of Big City Life

Benefits and Downsides of Living in City

Obviously, it depends on a personality whether one prefers to live in a hectic city or in a quiet countryside. As usual, both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages. Big city life works well for active and sociable people, likely to keep busy all day long. We have pointed out the upsides and downsides of living in a city.


It is a way easier to amuse yourself when being in a city as there are various cinemas, malls, clubs, and bars. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, you can always find something for free (as a part of some promotional campaign). You are more likely to find a lot of friends as city people are usually very sociable.

Huge Job Market

Big city means huge opportunities. It is easier and much faster to find your vocational job here or even any other occupation suitable for you. Moreover, you may even start building your career while still at school.


Residing in a big city, you will enjoy having everything at your fingertips. Banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other stuff are all close. Besides, you may choose any means of transport to get to the point without losing time. Luckily, a big city gives you an opportunity to find the boutiques and stores that fit your preferences for moderate prices.

However, life in a large city may have some drawbacks. Consider some of them.

Costly living

Living in a megalopolis will make you spend a lot of money on basic needs. Buying food, paying different bills, purchasing clothes, and spending on entertaining leisure will definitely hit your wallet. Besides, if you are working in another part of the city, you are expected to have extra travel expenditures.


Big cities are very polluted areas considering huge traffic and numerous factories. It gets extremely hot and stiflingly in summertime. Moreover, because of light pollution, you won’t be able to enjoy the romantic starry nights.

Lack of Time

Huge traffic is a significant downside of living in a city as it may take you more than an hour to get to school or work. You have to plan everything ahead if you want to be efficient. However, you can’t predict everything: long supermarket lines, lateness of your bus etc.

To conclude, big city life is appealing and enjoyable. However, having this hectic lifestyle will make you want to rest in a quiet and picturesque place, which is hardly possible to find in megalopolis. Thereby, only active and energetic can handle this way of living.

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