Definition Essay: Understanding Trust

Definition Essay: Understanding Trust

Even the least selfish of us, when in a relationship, need something in return. Whether its friendship, family, dating, or any other type of relationships, the most basic, and at the same time important thing we are expecting from another party is trust. However, if you try to explain to someone what “trust” means, you may notice that it is not the easiest concept to define.

When trying to understand the meaning of trust, one of the top things that comes to mind is an ability to place your confidence in the person you trust. A really down-to-earth example of confidence is a secret that you can tell someone and be sure they won’t spill it out to anyone else. This is one of the foundational concepts of true friendship, as we often need to share something personal with our friends, and we need it to remain confidential. This also translates to a not very pleasant situation when a person does spill out someone’s secrets to a third party but trusts them to not reveal this break of confidence.

Another vital aspect of trust is being sure the other person is always honest with you and isn’t trying to cover something. An important part of any love relationships is being open to your partner, so it would definitely cause a trust issue if one part of the relationships hides something. Often, it will lead to the other one looking through their loved one’s things, messages, following them or else if they start suspecting their significant one of lying about something. Finally, the last drop in most of the relationships is the most painful break of trust – cheating.

Cheating might as well be the worst thing a person can do to their partner, as loving relationships are founded on the concept of exclusiveness when one person is completely sure that the other one isn’t going to be with someone other than them. As bad as cheating may be, it is the fact of lying that usually makes the most damage. There are a lot of cases when partners were willing to forgive someone who admitted their wrongdoing straight away and sincerely apologized. On the contrary, if a person finds out they’ve been cheated on by themselves and, even worse, that their loved one was trying to cover this up, there is little to no chance they will even consider forgiving. This is the ultimate break of trust in the relationships that may lead to lack of trust in another people in the future.

Very often, trust is placed in complete strangers. Either it’s our choice or lack of the alternative, there are lots of situations every day that we have to believe in other peoples’ abilities to do their work properly or keep their word. For example, we trust that teachers are telling us true facts, doctors didn’t cheat on their exams, or bus drivers didn’t spend a sleepless night before going to work.

Trying to understand the concept of trust and how it works can turn into a very long discussion. The only thing that matters, though, is to remember that trust is a crucial part of every relationship and we must do our best to not break it.

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