Computers in Nursing Practice

Computers in Nursing Practice

Modern technology has penetrated all the spheres of human life. All developed countries are investing millions in new technologies, including computers. The importance of the IT field cannot be underestimated nowadays. Every sphere of human activities has undergone an enormous growth due to the use of computers, as they help exchange and validate data almost instantly, as well as make transactions or any updates. Developing countries are staying behind, but still strive for these changes. In developed countries, this improvement had a drastic impact on nursing practice as well.

The use of computers in nursing started long ago. Nowadays these two are interwoven and it will be even difficult to split them. Computers help nurses to get the information much faster, to exchange data with other units, and therefore nurses can execute their primary duties more efficiently. Besides, computers help to lower the risk of any problems that may arise due to human errors.

All stages of nursing process have become more accurate due to the implementation of nursing information system, or the NIS. All work is done more accurately and at a greater speed. This helps avoid any major delays in treatment.

Nowadays nurses have all the information they need, whether it is a nursing care plan or an assessment, any doctor’s notes or administrative records. Besides a possibility to access this information in no time, nurses do not have to waste time to read indistinct handwriting. The computer easily identifies any of the data and therefore it is convenient to browse any of the entries. An electronic health records system helps to retrieve patient’s records much faster and therefore decrease the time of diagnosis and treatment.

Computer technologies help to improve the nursing standards and bring the nursing practice to a whole new level. Computers are used for administrative tasks as well as an inventory system. With their help, it is much easier to prepare reports or maintain personnel records. Even nursing schedules are created by a computer program. The computer analyzes the number of patients, the severity of their health problem and then assigns the needed number of nurses.

Nowadays computers are an inevitable part of any modern institution. They help improve every field, including nursing. All countries should learn from the example of the developed ones and invest into the future development of computer sciences. They should support the use of computers in every field and institution.

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