Can Google Classroom App Kick-Off a New Age of Education?

Can Google Classroom App Kick-Off a New Age of Education?

More often we hear that modern education fails. Why is that? In order to understand we need to take a look at its inception. Conventional education was introduced to answer the challenges of the industrial era. The world needed workers with certain specialization and getting educated in a selected field supposed that the person could feed his family for the whole life using the obtained skills. Needless to say, since the times of industrial revolution, everything has changed. People who go to educational institutions nowadays obtain knowledge that gets obsolete by the time they finish college or university. As the world becomes more and more progressive new occupations and specializations appear faster than educational systems can adapt to it, this is why they should evolve together with us and in no case slow us down. The old educational system should be where it belongs – in the 20th century, while the 21st century should create a system where people can learn to adapt to the new world. More and more students today are choosing online education instead of traditional one and rely on apps and technologies more than on books and notes. And it seems that people at Google Company very well understand the ongoing trends, because their launch of Google Classroom may mark the new era of education.

Google Classroom Features

Google Classroom is a complete suite for education that includes Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Docs. It was created both for students and teachers and the academic community loved it from the onset, because:

  • You can make photos, attach them and share with class and teachers. It’s great in terms of teamwork and especially useful for experiments where people work together and need to share results.
  • Google Classroom also allows sharing info from other applications. Students can attach images, website’s pages, PDFs or any other type of information.
  • There’s no need to be online to work in this app unless you need to share something. Otherwise, functionality of the app allows working offline.

Google Classroom Disadvantages

It only has some disadvantages for the students because it doesn’t allow them to cheat. Why is that? See for yourself:

  • Sometimes students say “Hey! You haven’t assigned us these tasks!” Well, it won’t happen if the class is using Google Classroom because there is a page with the history of assignments.
  • “I left it at home” feature won’t work as well, because you can easily ask someone to make a photo of your essay, provided you have actually written it. Or you can try “my dog ate it” feature if you have a naive teacher.
  • “I don’t know what the homework was” will also sound lame because lessons are conducted online and you can always get access to them if you have missed something.
  • Saying “I couldn’t get access to the Internet” is a bad idea as well, because you can always work offline using Google Classroom.

Now, look at the stats – in the last 6 months more than 30 million assignments have been completed via this app. So, why don’t you try it yourself?

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