6 Foods to Always Keep in the Fridge

6 Foods to Always Keep in the Fridge

When midnight craving sneaks up on you unexpectedly, it’s always handy to have a few things in your fridge that won’t make you feel guilty in the morning. Healthy and yummy, they will sate your hunger without any harm to your physical shape. Here are six foods you should always keep in your fridge.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese can do miracles to your feeling of hunger because it contains a special protein that makes you feel full for a long time. This product can play both a role of a snack or a dessert. Dip vegetables in it to make a healthy bite or mix it with your favorite fruits to get a sweet treat. Whatever you opt for, cottage cheese goes with virtually everything.


Almonds or any other nuts are packed with protein and are good for your heart. Nuts will make a great addition to a smoothie or any cereal you prefer having for the breakfast. However, pay attention to how you store the nuts – keep them in the fridge to avoid oxidation that can do more harm than good.


This delicious fruit doesn’t even need to be accompanied by other foods to become a great snack. Did you know that eating bananas will save you from those annoying night muscle cramps? They are also beneficial for digestion and will quickly satisfy a sugar craving at the same time. If you want to incorporate them into your daily diet, add them to an oatmeal and make a smoothie.


Despite the fact that mushrooms shouldn’t be eaten raw, they are a nice ingredient to add to lots of dishes. Starting from the simplest one, mushrooms will flavor the basic omelet and make the taste more diverse. If you have more time on your hands, you can work on an elaborate stir-fry with mushrooms, meat, and veggies.


The basic food that we can always find in the nearest store is an egg. This is a valuable part of many dishes as well as a great snack by itself. It doesn’t matter how you choose to cook them; a few eggs will put a stop to your hunger pangs at any time of the day.


Not only is milk good for your bones and teeth, but it also makes many foods a lot better. Cereals, smoothies, or a cheeky little omelet are impossible to enjoy without milk in it. In addition, milk contains vitamin D that influences your mental state and improves your sleep pattern. So now you know why your mom used to give you a cup of warm milk before bed.

Don’t focus only on one thing but bring in your daily diet some variety. Your body will thank you for that.

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