Can Google Classroom App Kick-Off a New Age of Education?

More often we hear that modern education fails. Why is that? In order to understand we need to take a look at its inception. Conventional education was introduced to answer the challenges of the industrial era. The world needed workers with certain specialization and getting educated in a selected field supposed that the person could feed his family for the whole life using the obtained skills. Needless to say, since the times of industrial revolution, everything has changed. People who go to educational institutions nowadays obtain knowledge that gets obsolete by the time they finish college or university. As the world becomes more and more progressive new occupations and specializations appear faster than educational systems can adapt to it, this is why they should evolve together with us and in no case slow us down. The old educational system should be where it belongs – in the 20th century, while the 21st century should create a system where people can learn to adapt to the new world. More and more students today are choosing online education instead of traditional one and rely on apps and technologies more than on books and notes. And it seems that people at Google Company very well understand the ongoing trends, because their launch of Google Classroom may mark the new era of education. Continue reading →

The Origin of the “Keep Calm and …” Poster

Keep Calm and Postere

The phrase “Keep calm …” can be found on T-shirts, bags, mugs, pillows, etc. almost everywhere. You definitely have something beginning with the phrase “Keep calm and …” whether it is a notebook, a mug or at least a status on a social network page.

This phrase is so popular and trendy nowadays only the biggest hermit have not heard about it. What is the origin of this famous phrase and where does the phrase have its roots? The history of the phrase goes back to the Second World War. It was used as a slogan of British propaganda, aimed to strengthen the faith in the victory of the British.

It was supposed that the poster would be used in order to boost the morale of the population in the case of Nazi occupation. It seems unlikely to find archival photos of 1939, depicting the disobedient British, marching with posters “Keep calm and carry on”. The author of the masterpiece is anonymous. Continue reading →

Discover Pros and Cons of Big City Life

Pros and Cons of Big City Life

Benefits and Downsides of Living in City

Obviously, it depends on a personality whether one prefers to live in a hectic city or in a quiet countryside. As usual, both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages. Big city life works well for active and sociable people, likely to keep busy all day long. We have pointed out the upsides and downsides of living in a city.


It is a way easier to amuse yourself when being in a city as there are various cinemas, malls, clubs, and bars. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, you can always find something for free (as a part of some promotional campaign). You are more likely to find a lot of friends as city people are usually very sociable.

Huge Job Market

Big city means huge opportunities. It is easier and much faster to find your vocational job here or even any other occupation suitable for you. Moreover, you may even start building your career while still at school. Continue reading →

Two Best Ways of Making Money for Students

Making Money for Students

Recently, having a part-time job or any other source for making extra money has become extremely popular among students. It is always better to have in possession some cash rather than wait with empty pockets for the next scholarship or parents’ monthly paycheck. Anyway, in case you’ve decided to earn money, there are two zero-risk options for you as a student.


Any university campus is always in need of smart tutors, who could help other students to catch up with the rest of a class, to pick up new skills, to nail a difficult concept or to assist in writing papers. If you feel like having a good profound knowledge on a certain subject and can share your skills with the rest of the students, then welcome to the tutoring lifeline. Moreover, you can earn some good money tutoring your native language for international students. Classes with native speaker are highly valued so don’t miss a chance to make money doing something that wouldn’t require too much time and efforts for preparation. Apart from extra cash, other advantages of tutoring are the ability to improve your knowledge in a certain field, to gain communicative skills and get acquainted with more people, hence, to broaden your social network. Continue reading →

Fantastic Mobile Apps that Will Make You Smarter

Fantastic Mobile Apps

If you are prejudiced against modern technologies and doubt that they can really introduce some positive impacts in your life, you should definitely read on this article. There is really a plenty of mobile applications that assist you in obtaining some new knowledge in different spheres and becoming more intelligent. Nowadays, smartphone apps are not intended merely for entertaining purposes. They are widely used for educational purposes with the aim of helping students gain more practice in specific subjects. As such, studying has become a more accessible process as you can practice some skills while on transport or when you are at a place without any access to books or other studying materials.

Some apps are aimed merely on assessing and evaluating the knowledge that you have already gained in a particular sphere. For example, among such apps are different tests evaluating your skills in a foreign or programming language, etc. Moreover, there are apps aimed at developing some habits, for example the habit of healthy eating. In particular, with the help of such types of apps, you can monitor what you eat and in what quantities.

So, below you will find a list of brain-boosting applications that will provide you with prospects of self-development. Continue reading →

Starbucks Is Providing Employees with College Education

Starbucks Employees

2014 became the year when there was concluded a partnership agreement between Starbucks and State University of Arizona. Within the frames of the agreement, there was set up a project that provided all the employees of Starbucks with the full coverage of tuition. The College Achievement Plan, as the program is called, became available to all the employees of Starbucks, irrespective of the rate of their occupancy at work.

Starbucks covers all the tuition expenses completely while Arizona State University supports the employees academically by providing tutors and mentors. There are almost 60 degrees available for those who entered the program. The employees can study without quitting work as all the courses are on-line and it does not matter where you live and work to get a degree. Continue reading →

How to Succeed in Online Classes

Succeed in Online Classes
There enough reasons to take an online class. For example, because it’s cheaper, it unloads the following semester, it doesn’t require getting dressed every day, etc. However, besides all these advantages, online classes require self-discipline and responsibility. So, if you want to succeed in your online course, you may need some tips.

5 Keys to Succeeding in Online Classes

  • One of the main strategies for online learning is to keep everything under control, especially the due dates. The easiest way to do that is to have a physical copy of your syllabus. It doesn’t matter if there is a schedule post of upcoming deadlines online. There’s less possibility to miss something if you see it all the time while studying.
  • As nobody controls your study, there appears a huge temptation to procrastinate. Yet, if your goal is to succeed during the course, you need to set up your own schedule. Assign certain time for studying, as if you’re really sitting at a lecture.
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How to Write About Culture?

Write About Culture
Culture is generally understood as a set of characteristics that are attributed to a particular group of people. It affects the way people think about different issues and perceive the world around them. Usually people identify their belonging to a particular culture on the basis of circumstances which they live in.
As a social phenomenon, culture can be formed by the following factors:

  • People, who represent the same culture, tend to have similar attitudes to many things. This common perception of the reality is developed in children by their parents and grandparents, who tell them what is good and what is bad.
  • Social institutions and norms also have an influence our views, ideas, and beliefs. When communicating with other people in schools and universities or at work, we absorb the information that they deliver to us and subconsciously use it as a ground for developing our own opinions.
  • Some cultural characteristics can be determined geographically. The country of birth inevitably imposes particular social norms on each individual.
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What’s the Use of Keeping a Diary?

Keeping a Diary

Many people, including successful writers, scientists, and world leaders, keep diaries. Have you ever wondered why they do it? What’s the use of diaries? First of all, keeping a diary is one of the best ways of self-control. This technique is so simple that many people underestimate its potential.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the principles of keeping a diary and the benefits this activity has. Although the way you keep your diary entirely depends on your preferences, we suggest some recommendations to make this activity not only interesting but also beneficial.

Practical Recommendations

  • Be sincere. If you avoid revealing your true feelings when making a record in your diary, then the procedure will have the same effect as speaking to other people. So you have to switch off your “inner censor” and write down everything that comes to your head. Only then will you enjoy the best therapeutic effect.
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Helpful Ways of Improving Your Grades in Physics

Helpful Ways of Improving Your Grades in Physics

It’s a well-known fact that many students find Physics the most problematic subject that they need to pass being at college. They think that hiring a tutor or spending lots of time with textbooks might help them, but lots of students don’t see any positive results or high marks at the end. Of course, it is really horrible when you have devoted so much efforts and time and was not estimated by a professor correctly. In fact, you probably suffer from low grades. Since this problem is widespread, we have decided to compile a useful list of the most effective tips on how to improve your skills in Physics and pass it with flying colors. Remember that everything is possible if you have a strong desire inside of you.

Dealing with Math

Usually, the hardest thing for students is counting. As a result, if you are given a task in Physics, you need to solve a certain problem, but is it unreal when you have troubles with figures. As a matter of fact, you should love and know Math in a perfect way, so that it gives you an opportunity to learn Physics successfully. You ought to be good at quick counting without using a calculator. That is why you should not ignore Math and pay much attention to this subject, because it will help you to study Physics. Frankly speaking, it may appear that you don’t have difficulties with Physics at all. In such a situation, you should consider developing your skills in Math as well as training with figures. Continue reading →