Starbucks Is Providing Employees with College Education

2014 became the year when there was concluded a partnership agreement between Starbucks and State University of Arizona. Within the frames of the agreement, there was set up a project that provided all the employees of Starbucks with the full coverage of tuition. The College Achievement Plan, as the program is called, became available to all the employees of Starbucks, irrespective of the rate of their occupancy at work.

Starbucks covers all the tuition expenses completely while Arizona State University supports the employees academically by providing tutors and mentors. There are almost 60 degrees available for those who entered the program. The employees can study without quitting work as all the courses are on-line and it does not matter where you live and work to get a degree. Continue reading →

How to Succeed in Online Classes

Succeed in Online Classes
There enough reasons to take an online class. For example, because it’s cheaper, it unloads the following semester, it doesn’t require getting dressed every day, etc. However, besides all these advantages, online classes require self-discipline and responsibility. So, if you want to succeed in your online course, you may need some tips.

5 Keys to Succeeding in Online Classes

  • One of the main strategies for online learning is to keep everything under control, especially the due dates. The easiest way to do that is to have a physical copy of your syllabus. It doesn’t matter if there is a schedule post of upcoming deadlines online. There’s less possibility to miss something if you see it all the time while studying.
  • As nobody controls your study, there appears a huge temptation to procrastinate. Yet, if your goal is to succeed during the course, you need to set up your own schedule. Assign certain time for studying, as if you’re really sitting at a lecture.
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How to Write About Culture?

Write About Culture
Culture is generally understood as a set of characteristics that are attributed to a particular group of people. It affects the way people think about different issues and perceive the world around them. Usually people identify their belonging to a particular culture on the basis of circumstances which they live in.
As a social phenomenon, culture can be formed by the following factors:

  • People, who represent the same culture, tend to have similar attitudes to many things. This common perception of the reality is developed in children by their parents and grandparents, who tell them what is good and what is bad.
  • Social institutions and norms also have an influence our views, ideas, and beliefs. When communicating with other people in schools and universities or at work, we absorb the information that they deliver to us and subconsciously use it as a ground for developing our own opinions.
  • Some cultural characteristics can be determined geographically. The country of birth inevitably imposes particular social norms on each individual.
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What’s the Use of Keeping a Diary?

Keeping a Diary

Many people, including successful writers, scientists, and world leaders, keep diaries. Have you ever wondered why they do it? What’s the use of diaries? First of all, keeping a diary is one of the best ways of self-control. This technique is so simple that many people underestimate its potential.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the principles of keeping a diary and the benefits this activity has. Although the way you keep your diary entirely depends on your preferences, we suggest some recommendations to make this activity not only interesting but also beneficial.

Practical Recommendations

  • Be sincere. If you avoid revealing your true feelings when making a record in your diary, then the procedure will have the same effect as speaking to other people. So you have to switch off your “inner censor” and write down everything that comes to your head. Only then will you enjoy the best therapeutic effect.
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Helpful Ways of Improving Your Grades in Physics

Helpful Ways of Improving Your Grades in Physics

It’s a well-known fact that many students find Physics the most problematic subject that they need to pass being at college. They think that hiring a tutor or spending lots of time with textbooks might help them, but lots of students don’t see any positive results or high marks at the end. Of course, it is really horrible when you have devoted so much efforts and time and was not estimated by a professor correctly. In fact, you probably suffer from low grades. Since this problem is widespread, we have decided to compile a useful list of the most effective tips on how to improve your skills in Physics and pass it with flying colors. Remember that everything is possible if you have a strong desire inside of you.

Dealing with Math

Usually, the hardest thing for students is counting. As a result, if you are given a task in Physics, you need to solve a certain problem, but is it unreal when you have troubles with figures. As a matter of fact, you should love and know Math in a perfect way, so that it gives you an opportunity to learn Physics successfully. You ought to be good at quick counting without using a calculator. That is why you should not ignore Math and pay much attention to this subject, because it will help you to study Physics. Frankly speaking, it may appear that you don’t have difficulties with Physics at all. In such a situation, you should consider developing your skills in Math as well as training with figures. Continue reading →

How Technology Changes People’s Writing Style

How Technology Changes People’s Writing Style

As the time flies, many spheres of life are changing. People are improving their state of life from year to year, and are advancing more and more in making machines work for themselves. This process is called progress and the synonym to it is technology. This sphere is the first that is influenced by the constant development of people’s life. New technologies are penetrating into everything that people do starting from shopping online and ending with self-assembling houses. What is more important, at the academic level, technology has made a real revolution.

Consequences of Progress on Modern Education


Computers have been an integral part of classrooms for already a long time and nobody will be surprised at an entire class of kids working with their laptops. However, recently, a new and quite interesting substitution has appeared for the personal computers and laptops – tablets. Taking quick notes and completing home assignment easily and wherever possible is necessary as portability is of utmost importance for the today’s society.


If to talk about smartphones that have also become inevitable and are owned by almost each person in the world, then here we will see a slightly different story. Text messages are intended to be short to preserve time and space and consequently a lot of slangy words are being penetrated into everyday life. Now, it is not strange to see such abbreviations as LOL, SMH, U2 and others in the essays at the academic level. It is so unfortunate that there are some special means conducted to minimize the usage of such words. Continue reading →

Guide on an MLA Annotated Bibliography

Guide on an MLA Annotated Bibliography

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is often used while gathering information for a research paper and is aimed not only at collecting useful for your topic sources but also evaluating certain books, journals, articles and etc. and examining your research project more carefully. An annotated bibliography is a short, relevant to the topic description and/or evaluation of a source in about 150-200 words.

What Does an Annotated Bibliography Consist of?

Depending on the purpose of your project, annotated bibliographies may summarize (what are the key arguments?), assess/evaluate (is a source useful, is it reliable?) or/and reflect (does it fit your topic?) a source of information. A perfect annotated bibliography is one, which is written in a concise, succinct, informative manner and usually consists of two main parts: citation and annotation. Continue reading →

Top 7 Reasons to Write Even If You Don’t Want It

Top 7 Reasons to Write

Writing lab reports or essays is definitely not the most pleasant thing to do! Especially, when you don’t feel like doing it and start to think about all those things that you would rather do instead.

If that’s what happens every time you need to write, then you definitely need to change your attitude, because writing is much more than just a senseless ritual that professors want you to engage in. Writing skills will benefit you not just with your classes and grades, but also in your future career and personal life. And that’s the reason why you should start mastering it as soon as possible. Here are top 7 reasons that will dispel all your doubts about it:

  • Writing enhances imagination and creativity. It’s a great way to explore and develop your imagination and, as Einstein pointed out, ‘imagination is better than knowledge’. When your imagination gets better, your problem-solving abilities increase respectively. Learning becomes fun when you can use your imagination.
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Positions that Can Become Non-Demanded in 10 Years

Positions that Can Become Non-Demanded in 10 Years

Choosing future profession is an important and responsible step in life. There are plenty of things which have to be considered, such as personal preferences, aptitudes, financial aspect, and job market demands. During the last two decades of impetuous digital development, significant changes in all spheres of our life took place. Many new positions appeared which we could not even have thought about a decade ago.

Computers made drastic changes in working processes and established many jobs that have nothing to do with the past. Probably, such new positions are for the better, but what to do with those professions that are substituted with machines? You should think about this issue very thoroughly as demand determines your employment chances and even your future financial situation. Here are several professions which according to the statistics can hardly survive more than a decade.

Postal Workers

When was the last time when you wrote a letter to somebody? You may still receive some informational letters from certain official services, but the amount of correspondence has significantly reduced in the last years. No one wants to wait for weeks when there is a quick and affordable opportunity to connect to a person you need via email or telephone. People choose more convenient ways of communication, which do not include letter writing. Therefore, there is an assumption that the position of postal worker will become useless. Continue reading →

Useful Things to Do during Summer Break

Useful Things to Do during Summer Break
Every season has its own charm but most people say summer is their favorite time of year. This season fills us with joy and a sense of calm. As the weather is usually comfortable, it provides us with an opportunity to get much more things done than during the winter. If you are a student on vacation you might want to spend your summer doing something useful. So here are some productive things to do on your summer break.

Get Fit

Try to get fit with the help of exercise and a balanced diet. Many people use the summertime for workouts and getting fit. This is the season when nobody wants to be unhealthy or look unattractively. If you did not exercise earlier, you might find working out very tough on your body for the first time, but then you will find that it is great for your body and helps you stay vigorous. Besides, you can use summertime to start maintaining a new healthy diet that will help you have a healthy body. Continue reading →