Positions that Can Become Non-Demanded in 10 Years

Positions that Can Become Non-Demanded in 10 Years

Choosing future profession is an important and responsible step in life. There are plenty of things which have to be considered, such as personal preferences, aptitudes, financial aspect, and job market demands. During the last two decades of impetuous digital development, significant changes in all spheres of our life took place. Many new positions appeared which we could not even have thought about a decade ago.

Computers made drastic changes in working processes and established many jobs that have nothing to do with the past. Probably, such new positions are for the better, but what to do with those professions that are substituted with machines? You should think about this issue very thoroughly as demand determines your employment chances and even your future financial situation. Here are several professions which according to the statistics can hardly survive more than a decade.

Postal Workers

When was the last time when you wrote a letter to somebody? You may still receive some informational letters from certain official services, but the amount of correspondence has significantly reduced in the last years. No one wants to wait for weeks when there is a quick and affordable opportunity to connect to a person you need via email or telephone. People choose more convenient ways of communication, which do not include letter writing. Therefore, there is an assumption that the position of postal worker will become useless. Continue reading →

Useful Things to Do during Summer Break

Useful Things to Do during Summer Break
Every season has its own charm but most people say summer is their favorite time of year. This season fills us with joy and a sense of calm. As the weather is usually comfortable, it provides us with an opportunity to get much more things done than during the winter. If you are a student on vacation you might want to spend your summer doing something useful. So here are some productive things to do on your summer break.

Get Fit

Try to get fit with the help of exercise and a balanced diet. Many people use the summertime for workouts and getting fit. This is the season when nobody wants to be unhealthy or look unattractively. If you did not exercise earlier, you might find working out very tough on your body for the first time, but then you will find that it is great for your body and helps you stay vigorous. Besides, you can use summertime to start maintaining a new healthy diet that will help you have a healthy body. Continue reading →

The Ways to Stop Failing Accounting Exams

The Ways to Stop Failing Accounting Exams

Exam is a nightmare for many students, especially if it is an exam in accounting. It may not only become a reason of a headache for you but also a reason to ruin your academic career.

Sometimes, even those individuals who strongly believe in their knowledge can fail their exams due to many reasons. We will give you recommendations on how not to fail and to prepare properly.
Those students who fail their exams tend to blame themselves for not being keen enough, even if they spend days and nights in libraries. So what is the problem? What is the right way to study to get a desired result?

Telling the truth, spending much time at books does not guarantee you success. It may sound confusing, but it is true. The most important thing in preparation for the exam is not reading much but preparing your body, soul, and mind to it. Continue reading →

How to Create a Perfect Work Look

How to Create a Perfect Work Look

Although your professional skills and experience are key factors that guarantee a job, you should not underestimate the importance of professional business attire. If you want to feel confident wearing business attire, nail your professional look using our pieces of advice and achieve success at work.

Top 7 Tips on how to Dress at Work

Follow the Сompany’s Dress Code

Nowadays, many companies tolerate a less strict dress code called business casual. So, it is necessary to find out the dress code before going to the first interview and then dress according to the company’s rules. Continue reading →

The Riskiest Myth about College

The Riskiest Myth about College

“You are wasting your precious years and thousands of dollars on something that will not necessarily bring you success in life.” Many students hear this dangerous myth studying at college and even before entering it. When you start thinking about these words, you may quickly become hesitant in the necessity to pursue your major. Do not be!

It Is totally Fine to not Know what Major Is Perfect for You

If you think that all young people enter a college being confident in their majors, you are wrong. If you hear a piece of advice to take a gap year and choose a major before entering the college, people who give this piece of advice are wrong. In fact, many students open the college’s doors still being in search of their perfect majors. If you feel the same, do not be upset. It is okay to spend 1-2 years of college life simply figuring out what major is suitable for you. Furthermore, you will have more chances to make a wise decision if you allow enough time to think it over. Continue reading →

The Best Ways To Prepare For Final Exams

Prepare For Final Exams

Final exams are a stressful time for all students and there is hardly any exception. But, if you know how to prepare to your finals properly, you will be able to avoid excessive stress and perform excellently. Read on to learn the proven ways to remain focused and prepare perfectly.

Best Tips on Exam Preparation for Students

Say NO to Cramming

Work out certain intervals for your study time. For example, study for 30-50 minutes and then take a break for 5-10 minutes. Then repeat this again. Such an approach has much more benefits than cramming and helps to retain the information better. Continue reading →

6 Effective Steps to Learn Klingon

6 Effective Steps to Learn Klingon

You might think that only those who do not know how to become professional in the language of William Shakespeare waste their time learning Klingon in the basements of their parents and look like real geeks. However, have you ever wondered how the first lines of the first Star Trek movie sounded? In fact, it dates back to 1979. The answer to this question is: “wIy cha’! HaSta! chayIghuS!” It was translated like “Tactical… Visual… Tactical, stand by on torpedoes!” Frankly speaking, the translation wasn’t really accurate.
Although the Klingons were not present in the last movie, now they are back and even more formidable. Of course, you can read the subtitles during our speaking, but the best decision would be to learn Klingon and admire the movie with more pleasure. Continue reading →

How to Launch a New Product

How to Launch a New Product
In this article, you will find several aspects of launching a new product into the market and will get the information on how to choose the major factors of marketing.

Selecting a Market Strategy

If you want to get a new product on the market, you need to have a good marketing strategy. It has to be a strategy on how to “attack” the market. For finding a target group, it is important to use certain instruments. They are often referred to as The Four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Choosing a market strategy is the first stage in creating a marketing plan. To realize it, one requires a budget, time schedule and entrusting assignments to the employees. Continue reading →

Top 7 Tips for Beginners to Find a Freelance Writing Job

Top 7 Tips to Find a Freelance Writing Job

Freelancing has become increasingly popular among fresh graduates seeking employment. My English-major friend, who is trying to find a freelance job, bombards me with exhausting inquiries. “What should I do to become a freelance writer like you? How can a beginner get a freelance writing job?” she asks having learned how much joy and satisfaction I get from my work.

Use Freelance Websites

If you register on a reputable freelancing platform, there is a great chance the website will help you find a good writing job. There are many marketplaces for beginner writers, but my personal favorite is Truelancer where I’ve been working for 3 months now. Continue reading →

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

A compare and contrast essay is an assignment in academic writing that involves the examination of several items that belong to one category.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Steps

  • Choose two items to discuss. Make sure they have both similarities and differences to be analyzed.
  • Brainstorm and create an outline out of your ideas.
  • Choose the structure of the future essay. It may be either block structure (point-by-point analysis of certain qualities that are similar/different in both items) or point-by-point arrangement (first, the analysis of all similarities, then – the discussion of the differences).
  • Continue reading →