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We have created an outstanding affiliate program by joining which our customers will get an opportunity to earn awesome bonuses. They will just need to tell their friends about the range of services we provide. When participating in our referral scheme, our clients will be able to obtain 10% from each order made by their friends once those use a special referral link. To join our affiliate scheme, you need to have a personal cabinet at our site.

You may share a referral or discount code with your friends via social media, your email, etc. Once your friends use any of the shared items, you will gain 10% from the cost of each of the placed orders. Pay attention that you will not need to contact our support team every time you share a code with someone since our system recognizes your code automatically.

Both our customers and their friends will benefit from our affiliate program. While the former receive 10% from each order placed by their friends, the latter will get an excellent discount on their first assignment.

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Affiliate Program

How to Earn Cash with

To start generating profits, you have to make an order on our website. Once you buy your writing project from us, you will get your personal area at In order to participate in our referral program, you need to share a special discount code or a referral link available in your cabinet with those whom you want to invite to us. You can share these promotional items with the help of some messengers, email, or social media. Everyone using the shared code or link is automatically remembered by our system.

Those who apply your discount code or click your referral link, will be taken to our order page. The code will be implemented automatically and the one placing their first order will get a discount.

Once the payment for the order is made, you will earn a cash bonus, i.e. 10% from the payment. The earned cash can be used for purchasing your next assignments. Additionally, your cash can be withdrawn via PayPal and Wire Transfer.

To earn bonuses, you are just required to send either a promo code or a special link to those whom you are going to invite to use our services. When they apply any of the shared items to buy a paper from us, they will be given a superb discount and you will obtain 10% from each their submitted order.

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How can one join our affiliate program?


Social accounts

Place links to our website in your accounts on social media. You may use Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp.


Business cards

Print business cards and distribute them among your friends to become our affiliate partner.


Promo code

Provide a special promo code or link to your friends. Once they use the link, they will be able to participate in our referral scheme.


Discount code

Once you join our affiliate program, you will be able to generate cash by sending your discount code to anyone via your email.



Find out how to advertise your discount code on YouTube. You need to establish a special YouTube channel to advertise your code.



Those who want to start reaping profits are welcome to participate in our referral scheme.

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