What Additional Services Does Our Company Offer?

Progressive Delivery – Orders Delivered Progressively

At times, customers have particular assignments that are longer and much more complex than regular-type essays and papers. In cases like these, Prime-Essay.com can deliver the customer’s order in a progressive fashion – part by part – which makes them easier for the customer to manage. If, for example, a customer has a paper comprised of 20+ or 10+ pages (double or single-spacing respectively), they are likely to find progressive delivery beneficial.

Progressive Delivery – Main Benefits?

  • This method makes orders easier to monitor, manage, and track. It provides the customer with chance to check their papers (and to approve them or ask for revisions) sent them in parts before submission time arrives.
  • This delivery method gives the customer 30 days to get their paper(s) revised at no extra cost to themselves (note: the normal revision time at Prime-Essay.com is 2 days).
  • A properly qualified expert will be identified to write and edit the customer’s assignments.
  • A proactive manager will be allocated to personally supervise the completion of each order. It will be his or her job to a) facilitate efficient communication between the customer and their writer(s) and b) to ensure every order is completed to the customer’s full satisfaction.

How Customers Get Their Drafts

  • Specified deadline = 4 days (or shorter timeframe): In this scenario, we first complete 25% of your paper and send this first part as 50% of your specified deadline gets near. To explain this in simple terms, it means we send you 7 pages within 1 day where the order size is 28 pages and the deadline is 2 days.
  • Specified deadline = 5 to 11 days: In this scenario, we respectively complete 25% and 50% of your paper and send these parts as 25% and 50% of your specified deadline gets near.
  • Specified deadline = 12 days (or 12 plus days): In this scenario, we respectively complete 25%, 50%, and 75% of your paper and send these parts as 25%, 50%, and 75%  of your specified deadline gets near.

To understand how much this service costs, just add as little as +15% to order price.

* Occasionally, a customer may prefer to receive their paper by some other means. If this applies to you, just contact your assigned manager and this person will do their best to devise a suitable alternative plan to fit the needs of you and your particular order.

Addition Services for Smaller Orders

If you have a paper that is less than 20 pages long, you can avail of the following additional services from Prime-Essay.com:

Extended Revisions

It is standard for Prime-Essay.com to offer customers the opportunity to have their papers revised at no extra cost. To use our regular revision service, requests should be submitted within 48 hour of delivery. In addition, we offer customers the opportunity of a revision extension, which extends free revision time to 14 days.

Summaries/Synopses (1-Page)

In some cases, students are expected to report the progress of their work or projects. To meet this expectation, you may find it useful to have a summary of your work to present to your tutor or supervisor. Therefore, if you require it, we can provide a 1-page summary setting out the main or most important information/points from an entire text.


Should you need a 1-page draft of a paper we are completing on your behalf, we can send you this when we get near 50% of the agreed completion deadline. If, for instance, you ask for your paper in single-spacing, we will provide a 600-word draft or, if you request double-spacing, we will provide a 300-word draft. Put simply, we can send you a draft after 2 days of lapsed deadline in a case where the stipulated deadline equals 4 days.

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